Bruce Hix

I was sailing last week when I heard the news about Bruce Hix. One of my oldest and dearest friends had passed to the other side. I was terrifically sad and a hole remains in my soul. I doubt it will be filled in this lifetime. However, my prayers…and the prayers of his many friends…were answered. He left this world in his sleep. Peacefully and with dignity. No easy task for those suffering with ALS.

I mention sailing because Bruce had taken a keen interest in my recent purchase of a boat. We talked about him joining me on trips to the Caribbean, although both of us knew it would never happen. Now, I’m not so sure. My buddy is freed from his twisted body and his spirit can roam at will. I feel his presence, particularly on the boat, and take no small degree of satisfaction that he will be a silent first mate, helping to keep me on the right course. As always.

I will miss his laugh. His passion. His unconditional love. Yes, his stubbornness. I will miss calling him to share stories of our lives.

But when I hit a nice golf shot, when I feel the tropical breeze blow against my face, when I drink a chi-chi and when I think of the special times we shared, I’ll remember most his big heart.

Mr. Happy is finally Mr. Happy.

Rest in peace, Bruce. I love you dearly.

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