Throwing Stones


President Clinton, on national television in January, looks the nation directly in the eye, asks us to listen carefully, then says,  “I didn’t have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

I believed him.

The stock market rises.

I feel happy.

President Clinton lashes out against the special prosecutor.

I agree and feel angry with him.

Word leaks out during Clinton’s grand jury testimony that he has admitted to “an improper relationship with Lewinsky.”

I feel betrayed.

Clinton appears on national television and apologizes for his actions.

I feel justification.  He screwed up and asked forgiveness.  I feel benevolent and grand.  I’ve asked forgiveness for worse.

Clinton lashes out against the special prosecutor and calls for an end to the investigation into his private life.

I agree and fell angry with him.

The stock market rises.

I feel happy.

Politics and politicians sure have the hot button on our feelings.  We are the quickest to complain about corruption.  We will scream from the rooftops when an elected official gets caught with his pants down…literally or figuratively.  We will launch into long, eloquent diatribes over dinner with our peers on exactly how a politician erred and how we would have done it differently.  We hold our elected officials to a higher moralistic and intellectual road than we would ever take.  We are angered when these people make decisions that ultimately effect our lifestyle.

Yet, how many of us voted in the last election?  Don’t lie, now.  Don’t answer the question under the strictest legalistic guidelines by saying you participated in the electoral relations process.  Been there…done that.  We’ve got DNA from the stains on the original ballot.

It’s a yes or no question.  Did you vote in the last election?

Our business is full of “know-it-alls.”  It’s almost impossible not to believe everything you say is gospel when you’re surrounded by people who are paid to tell you how great you are.  There is a big difference between intelligence and importance.  Wise up.  When does a PD or record executive become a jerk?  When they leave the room.

Having a big job means you’re important in a finite world.  Nothing else.  It gives you license to pontificate.  But be careful.  Only fools believe when another fool tells them how intelligent and wise they are.

You aren’t

The next time one of these blow-hards begins dissecting the latest “mistake” by a politician, ask this question,  “Did you vote in the last election?”

If the answer is no, immediately end the discussion by saying, “If you are so ignorant that you don’t participate in the process yet criticize the outcome, then nothing you have to say is valid.”

If the answer is yes, don’t let the person off the hook.  It’s easy for anyone to lie about their choice for President, but only those of us who really participated remember our votes for the lesser offices.

Prosecute.  Dig deeper.

I’ve found that those who bellow the loudest are generally the ones who never  take the time to vote.  These people are too busy with their own sordid little existences to take the time to do something that could effect their future.  Quoting box office or sales figures to impress the minions is certainly more important than voting.

I digress.

Clinton lied.  I’m stunned.  The fact that a politician lies is not a headline.  The fact that we’re so “holier than thou” when it happens is sad.

Politicians don’t get elected by telling the truth.  They believe, and maybe rightfully so, that the voting public can’t handle the truth.

Barry Goldwater said he would raise taxes and escalate the Vietnam War if elected President.  Goldwater said it was inevitable.  Lyndon Johnson promised the American people that, if elected, he would lower taxes and de-escalate the war.

Johnson won the election. After taking the oath of office, he raised taxes and escalated the Vietnam War.

Johnson also used the office to become a millionaire.  You think all those radio and TV licenses were granted on merit?  So Clinton cut a few corners in a land deal?  LBJ makes him look like a Boy Scout.

John Kennedy had more liaisons in the White House than Clinton has in his dreams.  He and Robert Kennedy “dated” Marilyn Monroe.  Both lied about it.  JFK even had a liaison with the girlfriend of the known Mafia figure who was hired by the CIA to assassinate Castro.  He lied about that, too.

Richard Nixon told us he was not a crook.  That turned out to be a crock.

Ronald Reagan said he had nothing to do with the Contra scandal.  Now we know it was possible he just didn’t remember.

It’s disgraceful.  Cheating, lying, stealing, power-hungry, egotistical, sexual deviants are charge.

It’s almost as bad as the radio and record business.

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