Four More Years

Regardless of who you voted for, you have to admit that Bush’s election for another term has been good for the economy (so far) and good for America…so far. The stock market is going through the roof, the economy is taking off and all is well with the world. We’re killing more Moslems (and Americans) than ever before, we now own a whole town in Iraq after blowing it up, Arafat is dead (now we’ll find out if Israel is really serious about peace in the Middle East) and the nay sayers at the United Nations are cowed and quiet because they have to put up with “W” for four more years. What is Ben Laden is still making and sending out home videos? The fact is, the United States has been safe from terrorism since the 9/11 attacks and we’re starting to get cocky about it.


But enough about the global environment lets discuss the things that really matter. What will George’s “mandate” (he did get a majority, didn’t he…that’s a mandate, ain’t it…by the way, whut’s a mandate?) mean to the radio industry? The truth is, it’s nothing but good  news. Doub’ya is all about letting his rich buddies in broadcasting make more money with as little government interference as possible. I’m not so sure that Congress will allow the President to roll back the rules on consolidation, but it seems sure that corporate owners will be able to find ways to get what they want. Colin Powell’s kid will continue to head up the FCC…now without Democrats able to keep him jumping about his decisions. The Democrats on the Commission have already left the building. Will their replacements be as willing to jump into a fire that is fed by the liberal bodies that went before them? Doubtful.


And what about decency? (We’re not talking about the election. That went out when the campaigning began.) The indecency issue is dead in the water. As MusicBiz predicted when the tempest began to blow in the teapot, the furor created about standards of indecency was an election year issue. That fact was pretty much drummed home when Congress refused to ratify any standards until next year. Now, they’ll never get to it. With the FCC firmly in Mr. Powell’s nonaggressive hands, indecency will be pushed back to local standards. The radical groups who have pushed for standards of decency will be forced to take their arguments to courts…where it’s more expensive and where they have no chance.


Radio will slowly get back to the business of doing business…making money the old fashioned way…talking dirty. Clear Channel, Infinity and the others won’t allow $100 million to go out the window with seven dirty words. Don’t forget that the most indecent thing to these broadcasters is losing money.


Four more years of Doub’ya is just what Dr. Laura ordered. Envelopes will be pushed and cash registers will ring.


All is right on the radio dial…way right.

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