Fuck It

The Federal Communications Commission has made what could become a historic ruling. By not fining the stations or networks that aired Bono’s use of the word, “fuck,” on national TV, the FCC has allowed tacit use of the word on future broadcasts by radio and television. The FCC ruling, which you can see at www.musicbiz.com , allows the use of the word, “fuck,” under most circumstances, except as a description of sexual intercourse.


Fucking Hysterical.


The FCC, in their infinite wisdom, has allowed the use of a word for anything except what is its definition.


So, I guess one can say, “Fuck you, man,” “Fuck, it’s hot,” “I’m gonna fuck you up,” with impunity. But if you say, “Would you like to fuck?” You’re fuckedwhich, by the way, you can say.


I wonder if this includes the rest of the “seven words you can’t say on television” as made famous years ago by comedian George Carlin. Those would be, “shit,” “piss,” “cunt,” “cocksucker,” “motherfucker,” “tits” and, of course, “fuck.”


You could get away with, “Shit, man, that’s a bitch.” Or, “I don’t give a shit.” However, if you were to say, “That smells like shit,” you would be in deep shit with the FCC. The same would hold true for “piss.”


According to the FCC ruling, you may use the word, but not for what it means.


That pretty much lets out the rest of those words. I don’t know of other uses for those words other than as specific descriptions. They mean what they say. “Cunt,” “tits,” “motherfucker” and “cocksucker” are pretty specific to their definitions.


It will take more time to figure out the context to use any of the words than to just use them. I liked it better when they were banned. There was no ambiguity.


Now? I’d rather just say, “Fuck it.”

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