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After months of preparation, Network 40 is proud to debut the nation’s first official radio-based Dance chart in this issue.  When Debby Peterson and I began this project, we were faced with a lot of questions.  Before we could put together a section of Network 40 devoted to Dance music, we had to answer those questions to our satisfaction.  In our discussions, many of the people in the industry had questions as well.  Listed below are the questions and answers that we contemplated while putting together America’s first and only definitive radio-based Dance chart.  Call us if you need any additional information or if you have any input in the ongoing design of our “Essential Dance” section.

Q:  Why a Dance Chart?

With the recent recognition of Dance music, we believe that a radio-based Dance chart will be an essential tool in helping programmers find Mainstream Dance hits.  With the success of Dance stations, particularly WKTU New York, it is evident that this format is viable and will be attracting new converts in the coming months.  It’s no longer a question of whether more stations will join the format, but when and how many.  Dance music has mutated into many different styles over the past 10 years. (House, Garage, Techno, Trip-Hop, Euro, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Ambient, Acid Jazz, Hip-Hop, Trance, etc.).  The Essential Dance chart will encompass the Mainstream Dance hits of this format.  With cumulative spins reported by our Dance stations, programmers will be able to find the most commercially viable Dance music.  For example, if a new Dance artist is generating top-40 spins on the Network 40 Essential Dance Chart, it’s an indicator that the artist/songs has potential to cross over to Top 40 Radio.

Q:  Is Dance music making a comeback or is this just another fad?

We believe this question is irrelevant!  The bottom line is Dance music is here now.  Whether it’s here for the long-term or the short-term, we are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date radio and retail information on Dance music.  The long-term success or WKTU New York isn’t relevant to advertisers or listeners.  They aren’t waiting to see if the station is still doing well next year.  They want their products sold today!

Q:  Which stations are reporters for the Essential Dance Chart?

WKTU New York
KACD (Groove Radio) Los Angeles
WBBM Chicago
KHTS San Diego
KNHC Seattle
WMYK Norfolk
WQZQ Nashville
CKEY Buffalo
KDNR Albuquerque
KQMQ Honolulu
CIDC Toronto
CING Toronto

These are the charter members of the Network 40 Essential Dance Chart.  All PDs and MDs may receive solid gold Chrome Lizard pins…then again, they may not.  Stations will be added to the Dance panel as formats are adjusted and the Dance format expands.

Q:  Will mix shows be included in the Dance chart?

Initially, we will only include commercial Dance stations as reporters to that chart.  However, it is our objective to also have a mix show Dance chart.  We realize the importance of mix shows and how they reflect the core Dance audience, as well as paving the way for future mainstream Dance hits.  We will include a mix show Dance chart in the future.

Q:  Who will be writing the Essential Dance column?

Sat Bisla.

Q:  Who the hell is Sat Bisla?

He’s some foreigner from England who loves Dance music!  Sat has been involved in the Dance club and radio scene for over 12 years.  His love of Dance music began in the late ‘70s with Earth Wind & Fire, Kraftwerk, Chic, Gary Numan, Blondie, etc.

After moving to the U.S. in the early ‘80s, Sat began DJing in the clubs and on radio.  His music tastes were broad, ranging from Yazoo, Sister Sledge, Cabaret Voltaire, Run DMC, Tom Tom Club to The Cure.

Today, Sat’s favorites in Dance music range from The Chemical Brothers, Planet Soul, Orbital, Real McCoy and Underworld to Armand Van Helden.  Sat has consistently maintained his passion for both Dance and Alternative music.  He is in close contact with the Dance community in the U.S. and keeps up on what’s happening with Dance music on an international level.  Sat currently doubles as an Editor at VIRTUALLYATERNATIVE, Network 40’s bastard child, so check him out yourself in his first column in this issue.

Q:  What else will be included in the Essential Dance page?

Besides the Top-20 most-played Dance songs and Sat’s column, each week Network 40’s retail department will report the top-selling Dance singles, as well as the Top-5 up-and-coming new tunes.  Network 40 will provide the country’s first retail Dance chart. The chart will feature exclusive Dance sales charts from retail outlets that report to Network 40.  Our retail department will feature exclusive sales information from markets that have Dance stations that report to the Network 40 Essential Dance Chart.

Q:  Are there any other reasons for the Dance chart?

Yes.  At Network 40, we believe in all music.  We also believe that any music format able to drive a station to the #1 slot in New York City is a viable format and we will support it.

Besides, Hix hates Dance music. If for no other reason, we like it.

Q:  Who’s your favorite Bee Gee?

We hate the Bee Gees!

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